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The Cricket Lexicon

Lexicon More from the greatest book never written.

Harmison (n) - an item that looks like it should be the best thing you've ever owned, but constantly disappoints.  "With it's limited battery life and poor 3G connection, this iPhone has turned out to be a complete harmison"  Steve Jobs, 2007.

Harbhajan (n) - something that gets worse the more attention you give it.  "It started out as just a little red patch, but now this rash is a harbhajan all over my back"

Kallis (v.t) – To selfishly guard something painstakingly accumulated over years in the mistaken belief that anyone else cares about it.  “We didn’t go on holiday for three years as all the money was spent converting the loft so he could kallis his Hornby train set in there”.

Jayasuriya (n) - An aged but still aggressive dog that demands attention. Usage - "A Yorkshire terrier is not a good choice of dog for a couple planning a family. 10 years later, you can be stuck with a jayasuriya".

Bumble (n) - A joke that only the teller finds funny. Usage - "And don't be telling all those bumbles at dinner - you're the only one who ever laughs".

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Surely "harbhajan" is an adjective?

Posted by: Innocent Abroad | 16 Apr 2008 15:10:57

Top Stuff! I think there may be more in the vaults worth bring out!

Posted by: The Tooting Trumpet | 16 Apr 2008 20:04:56

and 'Harmison' an adjectival noun no?

of course the verb to 'Illingworth' might be worthy of inclusion:
"the bowling team continually invading other alleys and seemingly careless of others safety were severely reprimanded by ten pin alley management. the bowling team then grabbed their balls and illingworthed off into the night"

Posted by: doctorshoot | 16 Apr 2008 23:48:01

Funny stuff googly!

Posted by: Q | 17 Apr 2008 09:05:36

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