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The Googly Cricket Lexicon

Lexicon Like Steve Harmison's form, it's not been around for a while; unlike Steve Harmison's form, it's back with bells on.  We present More from the greatest book never written, The Googly Cricket Lexicon.  Remember to put your submissions for the mighty tome into the comments.

Ianbell (n) - a person who has reached the highest levels, yet somehow seems to not belong there.  "Despite his achievements with the Camp David Accords, 39th US President Jimmy Carter will always be seen as something of an ianbell"

Petersuch (v) - to achieve far beyond the parameters of your natural talents. "I resent the accusation that Steve McClaren has petersuched his way into the England manager's job, he was the 4th person on my list after all."  Brian Barwick, 2006

Ambrose (v) - to instill fear without speaking. "It looks like Vanessa Feltz has ambrosed the big brother housemates by taking her knickers off"

Petermoores (n) - A feeling of limitless potential, usually followed by a crashing fall into bureaucratic dullness. Usage - "Universities' Freshers Fairs can engender petermooreses in many students, but the reading lists and lecture programmes soon bring them down to earth."

Nel (v.i) – To pull a face. Usage – “Our three star enchiladas are so hot that we guarantee you’ll be nelling!”.

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ponting (n) an aggressive and forthright performance delighting the faithful few but further enraging the many (normally using street talk, whilst grimacing, scowling, seeming angry and vulnerable, and yet scoring at will for some inexplicable reason... and often whilst dressed poorly unless kitted out by stage manager...)
as in "to deliver a...."
usage: "looking like aged streetwalkers the Spice Girls revival tour delivered a right ponting to the hapless overaged and undeserving fans"

Posted by: doctorshootmanager@crosswordprizes.com | 12 Mar 2008 04:19:41

shouldn't foget v. Loying (charging fast bowlers to smack them across the line and over square leg)

also adj Warney describing the type of call one takes or makes during a lecture or theatre performance

Posted by: doctorshoot | 12 Mar 2008 04:28:17

Warney (adjectival noun)
manifestly misplaced, blatant and unneccesary use of mobile communication technology... usually resulting in truncation of relationships and contracts
usage: "Mr Rumsfeldt's warneyist managment of the senior Iraq diplomat quickly resulted in a...."

Posted by: doctorshoot | 12 Mar 2008 04:36:24

Great concept... could you please clarify for me in your next round the exact definition of a vaughan? Cheers.

Posted by: Miss Field | 13 Mar 2008 06:16:01

plz do send gd pic's to my mail abt cricket ok

Posted by: malvin melody | 23 Jun 2008 15:47:55

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