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ICC World Twenty20 - Villain of the Day: The West Indies Fielding Unit

76669731 The Googly's Hero of the Day, Crystal Gayle (right) has an expression which says it all really - shock, befuddlement and just a little anger. After an innings every bit as good as Gilchrist's extraordinary assault on the Lankan bowlers in the World Cup Final five months ago, he could only look on as his team's incredibly prodigal fielding unit tossed away the win.

Whilst Twenty20 is a batters' game, smart disciplined bowling to flawless, aggressive fielding will win more matches than pyrotechnic batting. And fielding as poor as the Windies', supported by bowlers delivering 16 wides (for a loss of 23 runs) will lose matches even if Crystal Gayle were batting at both ends.

A shameful performance from proud cricketing nations - Tony Cozier's commentary, infused with barely suppressed rage, should be played to all the Windies players. Not that they'll listen.

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Brings a new meaning to the word prodigal.
What an effing catastrophe from the Windies. At one point the phrase "on a plate" was in my mind. 10 wides later, I was rueing my optimism.

Posted by: mimi | 11 Sep 2007 22:23:02

this is definitely definitely definitely the last last time I ever pick the windies to win a series and put my own silly money on them...

Posted by: doctorshoot | 11 Sep 2007 22:49:45

One could sense that the windies had lost momentum when Gayle got out,and even though they had 200+ on the board i felt that they were 20 runs light on that pitch with the South African batting line up,plus the usual profligate windies batting and fielding,and so it proved.

Posted by: steve | 11 Sep 2007 23:11:54

Oops i meant bowling and fielding.

Posted by: steve | 11 Sep 2007 23:12:55

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