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The Cricket Lexicon

Lexicon Returning, like doubts over Colly's place in the England team, is the book you need to guide you through all those websites of the week. Yes, it's the Cricket Lexicon, with five new entries listed below.

Ganguly (n) - A thing that shows great initial promise, but descends into a long, slow decline. Usage - "I liked Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire, but since Order of the Pheonix it's clearly turned into a ganguly." 

Bell (v) - To maintain oneself in a game, but no more. Usage - "When holding middle pair on the flop, a good Texas Hold'em player doesn't raise or fold, but just bells until the turn card is revealed.

Tremlett (v.i) - To display unconvincing aggression. Usage - "Bonfire of the Vanities was a good book, but the film was ruined by Tom Hanks' tremletting as Sherman McCoy".

Sidebottom (v) - To fail at something, disappear, then return doing exactly the same thing again but succeeding. Usage - "I guess I was a bit surprised to see Take That sidebottoming".

Jaffer (n) - To be obviously not as good as an inexplicably rejected alternative. Usage - "Des Lynam's at a bit of a loose end these days. Did you see Lineker doing the Open Golf last week? What a jaffer!"

Dhoni (n) - A hairstyle that garners more publicity than the talent deserves. Usage - "In the early days of MTV, there were dhonis everywhere: A Flock of Seagulls, Phil Oakey, Pete Burns".

[The Tooting Trumpet]

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a stupendous effort Mr Trumpet. Giggling like a fool here...

Posted by: lee calvert | 27 Jul 2007 10:41:26

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