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More Cricket Lexicon

Lexicon It's that time of the week again when we dip our grubby fingers into the still waters of the cricketing idiom and pluck from therein a mighty catch of words for our eyes to feast upon.  Or to put it another way, here's more stuff from the Lexicon we are writing.  Remember to put your submissions in the comments.

Malcolmspeed (n) - A self-induced imaginary world where everything is beautiful, works perfectly and there is no conflict. Usage - "Apple Computer's enthusiasts tell us that they live in a malcolmspeed, but I get as many glitches with those machines as with PCs".

Sarwan (v.t) - To replace a much loved and talented performer with a much inferior version. Usage - "When the producers sarwanned George Lazenby into the James Bond role, it was clear that Sean Connery was key to the franchise's success."

Hogg (n): an unexpected and unwanted incident leading to misfortune. Usage: "I was going along nicely in the race and then a hogg kicked up and hit me in the face and I lost all momentum." Tom Boonen after receiving a loose pebble on the helmet

Ramprakash (v. i.) - to show much promise at various stages, only to ultimately disappoint.  Usage: "After 2 hours of buying her triple vodkas she finally agreed to come back to my place; we were then game on in the bedroom, only for her to ramprakash it by falling asleep whilst I was finding a condom." Mick Hucknall, 1998

Hick (v) - to perform brilliantly in low profile encounters, but fail miserably at the highest level.  "And by missing that pink, Jimmy White has hicked his chances of the World Championship again." Clive Everton, 1992

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C'mon, you used hte Ramprakash one a month ago... Slacker than the OBO!

Btw, how about a Read - to be totally f*cked around till you don't know what's going on. Usage: My secondment's coming to an end. I keep asking if I'm being made permenant but they just keep giving me the Read.

Posted by: Jos Roberts | 17 May 2007 17:35:16

good one

Posted by: lee | 17 May 2007 19:54:30

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