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Cricket Lexicon: yet more from the greatest book never written

LexiconIt's that time again, when we open the virtual pages of the forever expanding Cricket Lexicon.

Following last week's dip, we've more from this most learned of tomes. As ever, we realise there are many mildly amusing cricket words out there that you, dear readers, have to share, so don't be shy add them in the comments!

Follow the link to read this week's five..

Leverock (v. t) - a feat of athleticism far removed from one's physical appearance.  Usage.  "Graham Price has leverocked the French defence to score a wonderful try" Bill McClaren, 1975

Hayden (v. n.) - to perform fantastically after being written off totally.  Usage: "And with his performance in Pulp Fiction, John Travolta has pulled an absolute Hayden"  Barry Norman, Film '92

Collingwood (n): a safe and secure receptacle into which one can place valuable objects. Usage "I can't believe the thieves took my Sports Personality of Year awards - they were locked in the collingwood" Sir Steve Redgrave 2007

Martyn (n) - A beautiful creature that visited gardens from time to time, but now appears to have gone for good. Usage - "On summer evenings, we would turn the lights out and, if we were quiet and really lucky, the martyn would come out to forage and play - it was such a lovely sight".

Langer (n) - As Martyn above, except that it's an ugly brute that shits all over your lawn and still visits regularly. Usage - "Excuse me. I have a Langer that is ruining my garden - do you have anything that will get rid of it?".

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the langer one is a cracker

Posted by: lee calvert | 21 Apr 2007 13:47:04

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