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Cricket Lexicon: more from the greatest book never written

Lexicon It's that time again, when we post five more entries from the forever expanding Cricket Lexicon.

Following last week's entries, the creative juices have been flowing here to formulate more informal yet informative entries for this great work.  But we realise there are many mildly amusing cricket words out there that you, dear readers, have to share. Don't be shy add them to the comments!

Follow the link to read this week's five..

Trescothick (n) – A fast car now at the wreckers as a result of breaking down too frequently. Usage – “What about that Alfa Romeo Convertible you used to have?” “Oh, that? It was a joy, but first the spark plugs went, then the fuel injection and finally the exhaust – it became a complete Trescothick”.

Koertzen (v.t) – To painstakingly examine all the evidence over an extended period and still arrive at the wrong conclusion. Usage – “The UK government really koertzened that report about Saddam’s WMD”.

Kallis (adj): selfish, having no concern for others, seeking greedily to steal the best bits. Usage: nicking the last bit of pudding was a very kallis thing to do

Ramprakash (v. i.) - to show much promise at various stages, only to ultimately disappoint.  Usage: "After 2 hours of buying her triple vodkas she finally agreed to come back to my place; we were then game on in the bedroom, only for her to ramprakash it by falling asleep whilst I was finding a condom." Mick Hucknall, 1998

Willis (v. n.) - an incredibly boring speaker, far removed from the person's formerly exciting physical performances. Usage: "Despite all that horny stuff with the snake in From Dusk Til Dawn, in real life that Salma Hayek is a total willis"

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Boycott (n)- Someone who always claims to have known something would happen, despite having predicted something entirely different before the event.

Usage: By saying to her husband "I knew we'd get a ticket", having told him only 10 minutes ago that "the car will be fine there while we pop in to get a couple of things", she confirmed her status as the world's biggest boycott.

Posted by: Tommy | 18 May 2007 11:40:50

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