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Building the Cricket Lexicon

Lexicon Everyone knows that Wisden is Cricket's Bible, but does cricket have an authoritative Lexicon? Inspired by the Guardian's peerless (and during the Cricket World Cup, endless) Over-by-Over coverage, The Googly will aim to build the Cricket Lexicon - all contributions are welcome.

We will post new entries on a weekly basis, and over time build up the authoritative resource for irreverent cricket language.  Starting today.

Glennda - a minor mishap with devastating consequences. Usage - "A punctured front tyre usually leads to poor handling and a trip to the garage, but at motorway speeds, it can be a Glennda, so it's best to check your tyres before a long journey."

Vettori (v.i) - to seek favour with women by affecting spectacles, being a bit vague and possibly stuttering a little. Usage - "That Hugh Grant was a nobody until he vettoried his way through Four Weddings and a Funeral."

ICC (v.t) - to spend years preparing for an event only for it to flop horribly. Usage - "He really ICCed that wedding when he started that affair, even if she did forgive him."

Colville (n) - A beach party with really boring guests. Usage - "We were there out of season: the reps organised an event on the beach but it was an absolute colville."

Flintoff (v.i) - to descend slowly from a peak. Usage - "From the summit, you can ski down to the village or take the cable car, which allows you to see the sights as you gently Flintoff back to the hotel."

Nixon (n) - a noise which stops you working effectively. Usage - "I know the report has a lot of typos, but there was such a nixon going on with those roadworks outside the office."

[The Tooting Trumpet and Mimitig et al]

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Cooley (n): the unwise disposal of an item of great value. "I have committed a number of cooleys in my time, but the worst was when I threw away grandfather's stamp collection."

Posted by: Andy Bowles | 17 May 2007 19:40:19

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